Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thanks pal!

I finally got in on Saturday for long enough to pick up my secret pal package, yay!

I got one of the awesome small lantern moon knitting bags, which I love. I have a red one and a green one now, so I'm all set for Christmas!

I also got some advice and directions on making lace less scary. We'll see if it works.

Also very delicious Godiva chocolates, mmmmmm. I shared one with my husband, mostly so he could be jealous while I ate the rest. :)

And an awesome puppy knitting book, I love puppy knitting. As I took it out, my husband said "Don't you already have that one?". And by the time we got home had me completely convinced I did have it, and was a horrible person for leaving it on my wish list.

But after searching the living room, and the knitting bookshelf, if I have it, I can't find it so I needed a new copy anyhow! (Although, I really don't think I have it, I think he must have been mixing it up with another book)

All in all, a fabulous package.

I have swap anxiety now that I didn't put enough in my package to my pal!


Heather said...

don't worry about not "having enough" in your gift to your pal. It's not a contest, and is supposed to just be fun. So enjoy you gift!! I'm sure your pal was thrilled with what you gave her.

Laura said...

I'll second Heather. There's an official minimum so that nobody gets 2 skeins of Red Heart from Wal-mart, and nothing else, but I don't think that would ever be a problem in our local group, since we all sort of know each other. There's a discussion on Ravelry about whether swaps should set a maximum limit, too - but as long as everyone's grown up to not start a "his cookie is bigger than mine!" fight I think we're OK.

Anyway, I think you're the last person to pick up your first gift, and everyone's been happy - so don't worry!