Monday, September 10, 2007

AMAZON & River Knits lists

Hi Secret Pals!

I've been having fun updating my Amazon list (and getting a few things from it over the weekend for my birthday too, btw!). So I just wanted to recommend that you spend a little time browsing & getting your list started or up to date if you don't have one yet or it's out of date. It's fun, people might buy you things you actually want, and you can tell your family it's there too! :-)

And if you don't have a River Knits list, it's easy to start one. Next time you're in the shop ask me for an index card. You walk around and touch all the yarn and write down what you want the magic fairy to bring you! It doesn't get more fun that that.



Saffista said...

Thanks for the reminder E, I edited my survey to add a link to my amazon list and to note that I do have a RK list. I need to come in and update it though :-)

Elizabeth said...

I think a lot of people's should be updated...they are from before last Christmas.

billie jo said...

I did a list yesterday. It was fun.

Amanda said...

My Amazon list is pretty up-to-date, but I need to take another look at my RK list.