Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Amanda's Questionnaire

Do you have a Ravelry ID? Yep! gaeacreations

What is your skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)? advanced

What are your favorite yarns to work with? Least favorite? Natural Fibers, definitely! I don’t love cotton as much as I love animal fibers. Alpaca is one of my very favorites, and I really like bamboo and bamboo blend yarns. I really don’t like synthetic or novelty yarns.

What are your favorite types of projects to work on? Lace, fair isle. I love all types of projects, but those are my two favorite techniques.

What is your favorite color? I don’t have just one favorite. I like deep, rich colors. Fall colors are wonderful. I’m not a big fan of pastels at all.

Are you a sock knitter? Yes!

What technique or skill are you working on? I’ve been doing a lot of crocheting lately.

What technique or skill would you like to learn? Tunisian Crochet, tapestry crochet.

What book or pattern are you anxious to have? I can’t think of any off the top of my head….

Do you have any allergies your pal should be aware of? Nope.

What are your non-knitting hobbies or interests? Cooking, spinning, beading, writing, playing the Nintendo DS or Wii with my kids, listening to music while doing any of the above, watching TV (mostly SciFi or Discovery/Discovery Science channel, Good Eats).

What kinds of knitting accessories have caught your eye lately? I love the new shawl sticks at River Knits, and I like gadgets of all kinds.

Have you filled out a Wish List at River Knits? Yep!

Do you have an Amazon Wish List? Yep!

How do you like to spend your “down time”? I like playing video games with my kids. Otherwise, I’m knitting during my down time.

Do you have any “guilty pleasures”? Reading a novel or magazine while taking a long, hot bath; Creme Brulee Bread Pudding from Nine Irish Brothers.

Who is in your home/family? Hubby, two kids (ages 6 and 9), and three cats.

What are your favorite scents? Sandalwood, cinnamon, vanilla, spicy scents.

What are your favorite treats? York peppermint patties, Junior Mints, cheesecake, margaritas, WooWoos.

If you didn’t knit, what would you do? That’s a really hard question…I don’t know what I’d do. I can't remember what I did during my downtime before I was a Knitter.

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