Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Heather's Questionnaire

I must admit, I 'm a little sheepish (get it, sheep??) about calling myself an advanced knitter on the same blog as some of you other, more advanced knitters... :)


1. Do you have a Ravelry ID? No…I’d lose my job

2. What is your skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)? Advanced, I think.

3. What are your favorite yarns to work with? Least favorite? I don’t like anything cotton or acrylic. I love wool, alpaca and anything from Brown Sheep…except their cotton. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sock yarn

4. What are your favorite types of projects to work on? I love, love, love socks. I enjoy cables and lace.

5. What is your favorite color? Fall colors…greens, especially

6. Are you a sock knitter? YES!!

7. What technique or skill are you working on? I’m working on a raglan sweater, bottom up, right now…I’m a sweater novice

8. What technique or skill would you like to learn? I keep saying entrelac…I need to practice colorwork more….

9. What book or pattern are you anxious to have? I keep looking at Knitting on the Road (Nancy Bush)…Shawls & Scarves: The Best of Knitter’s Magazine…Vogue Knitting on the Go: Weekend Knits ...I'm anxious to start the Yarn Harlot's "Earl Grey Socks"

10. Do you have any allergies your pal should be aware of? Nope

11. What are your non-knitting hobbies or interests? I love old movies, Victorian lit, reading about Youth Development

12. What kinds of knitting accessories have caught your eye lately? I’m always in need of row counters (love the clicky kind)…dpn protectors (haven’t tried the tube-y kind yet, but they look interesting)…I just generally love gadgets. I would love to try the new smooth Clover dpn's...

13. Have you filled out a Wish List at River Knits? Yes

14. Do you have an Amazon Wish List? Yes

15. How do you like to spend your “down time”? knitting and/or snacking

16. Do you have any “guilty pleasures”? love campy soaps and music from the 70’s

17. Who is in your home/family? Joe, Curtis (14), Josie (12), Tagalong K and Tally (cats)

18, What are your favorite scents? I love sandalwood, mowed grass and spring rain.

19. What are your favorite treats? Cheetos, almost anything chocolate (not dark chocolate!!), diet coke, twizzlers, chocolate chip cookie dough, I could go on and on…

20. If you didn’t knit, what would you do? Before I was a knitter I did a lot of Creative memories albums…I would read a lot more…

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