Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I giggled my way through the day after picking up my Secret Pal gift - it's a "Very Bad Dog Proof Sock Jar"! Clearly, my pal has heard me curse every now and then about my canine knitting troubles.

Things may be looking up....yesterday Oscar ate Aaron's belt. I know I should be sad about this, but maybe if they develop a taste for leather they'll leave the wool alone. Poor Aaron's pretty unhappy, because apparently it's nearly impossible to find a size 30 belt.

The sock jar is so good that it's almost Laura-Proof too; I had trouble figuring out how to open it. And I KNOW it's practical, because inside there was a lovely set of Lantern Moon needles - my first ever! - so it definitely has something to protect. Tomorrow (when there's light for photographs) I'll test it out and see how confused the dogs get.

Thanks, Secret Pal, for the laugh and the lovely gifts!

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