Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Great Pal!

I don't know who by pal is but she must know me pretty well. That being said, a lot of you could fit that description, so I don't know who you are yet!

I found the best package waiting for me this week. I have a Jones Soda (creme soda type) getting cold for me at RK just waiting for the right moment to savor it. It had some ABCD stitch markers tied to it, so I guess I'm all ready for some Cat Bordhi style socks now. There is Bob's Red Mill Scone mix, which I'm looking forward to trying this weekend, great smelling soap from Colonial Williamsburg (who has been to Williamsburg lately??), a terrific Celtic CD that I've been enjoying in the car AND that's not all. I even got my very own skein of Socks that Rock in a colorway called Loch Ness. That is just about perfect!

Whoever you are, thanks!

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