Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pamper your Pal?

Is it pamper your pal week already?! No, but it sure seems like it! I was suprised to find a present for me already today! And I waited until there was a free moment and I really needed it. What a great bag full of stuff goodies...I got some incredibly blue CTH Supersock DK, some wonderfully good to smell bath salts that I just have the lid off of now hoping they'll infuse RK with the smell permanently, a Mason-Dixon wash cloth of my very own AND some decadent organic chocolate.

Oh my. In fact, I was just having an overload feeling a few minutes ago not sure what to do next because there seemed like so much to do. Then I remembered the chocolate and I opened the one with caramel in the centers and....wow....I feel so much better now and I've really forgotten about EVERYTHING I need to do...except eat this chocolate.

Thank you very much, my pal! (And I really liked the E on the bag; I just sort of assumed that meant is was for me. If it's not for me and there's someone else in this exchange with an "E" name then I've already eaten half of one of your candy bars. Sorry! Not!) :-)

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Heather said...

That all sounds very "useful" to me...